Why PHP is the best programming language for web development

33Having made its first appearance more than 20 years ago in 1995, the popular programming language’s community of PHP developers has contributed to the development of many powerful tools. PHP development is targeted specifically for web based applications that are built with minimum code and are designed for maximum functionality.

Organized modules, simple design and convenient upkeep of the technologies have made this language the preferred choice of programmers. This popularity can be gauged by the fact that the social networking behemoth, Facebook is also based on this particular programming language.

PHP has frameworks like zend framework , CodeIgniter framework, Cake PHP, etc

Let’s examine a few more reasons that make PHP the best language for web development.

  • Open source

Being an open source language, PHP is free and readily available. A PHP programmer who has experience in other languages such as Java and C can easily work with PHP language as it is simpler.

  • Cross platform development

A cross-platform language, PHP enables ease in programming as it can work well on various operating systems like UNIX, Windows, LINUX, etc.

  • Wealth of information

Its popularity with the web development community has resulted in wealth of information and support available on the internet via support forums, groups, digital communities, etc. With ready references available online, it gets easy for a PHP developer to seek support when stuck somewhere.

  • Readily available resources

As you would expect, PHP programming language has a large community supporting it. Therefore, it is very easy to find resources. Building a PHP based website does not only make your site more responsive and dynamic, it also ensures that you find a good PHP development company and PHP developer when in need. Thus, building your website on PHP gives you high returns on your investment.

  • Uncomplicated embedding

PHP enables ease in embedding the server side scripting language into other programming languages like HTML. By easily embedding PHP into HTML, one can effortlessly transform a static website into a dynamic one.

  • Simple and fast

One of the prime reasons why PHP is one of the most popular programming languages is the quickness of PHP development. You can expect a quick turnaround time when you hire a PHP development company or PHP developer.

  • Multiple extensions

With the ready availability of multiple extensions, PHP is tremendously scalable.

  • Pre configuration

Most hosting websites offer a pre configured PHP setup. These setup can easily be tweaked if you are to give your website extra security.